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24 JAN 2020
Divadlo U Hasičů

Κανείς δεν αφήνει το σπίτι του αν ο πόνος που πρόκειται να έρθει είναι μεγαλύτερος από τον πόνο που αφήνει πίσω του.


Πρεμιέρα στην ΠΡΑΓΑ - ΤΣΕΧΙΑ

ΜΑΪΟΣ 2020

Παρουσίαση του έργου στο ΚΑΡΠΙ - ΙΤΑΛΙΑ


Παρουσίαση του έργου στο ΚΑΛΑΝ – ΙΡΛΑΝΔΙΑ


Παρουσίαση του έργου στο ΚΙΑΤΟ - ΕΛΛΑΔΑ

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10 months ago
Photos from POWER - Creative Europe's post

ΘΕΑΜΑ Θέατρο Ατόμων με Αναπηρία - Theama Theater of Disabled People in preparation for the Prague performance, "POWER...we all come from somewhere" an inclusive performance ... See more

10 months ago

KCAT announced that performance dates for POWER are now confirmed by the venue – VISUAL theatre , in Carlow for June the 18th, 19th and 20th.
POWER participants will be in residence there from ... See more

11 months ago
Christmas celebrations may help refugee integration in Hungary - UNHCR Central Europe

Merry Christmas and promissing New Year 2020! Rich on good news, inclusion & understanding 🍀🌍✌️

Monday 22, December 2008 BUDAPEST, December 22 (UNHCR) – In the refugee reception centres of Bicske, Békéscsaba and Debrecen, the month of December has been the most colourful and happy period of ... See more

1 year ago
Orchestra Scià Scià - Also sprach Zarathustra

POWER..we all come from somewhere... Nazareno Cooperative, the Italian Project Leaders and their musical contribution to the project. Scia Scia orchestra of Nazareno will perform on all performances ... See more

L'Orchestra Scià Scià si è esibita a Novi di Modena il 10 novembre 2017 e ha eseguito parte dell'Opera 30 di Richard Strauss "Also sprach Zarathustra".

1 year ago

3rd meeting of the POWER PROJECT is now in Prague!! After the morning session off to visit the theatre
Creative Europe Equinox Theatre Company KCAT Arts Centre ΘΕΑΜΑ Θέατρο Ατόμων ... See more

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