POWER Newsletter: November 2018

POWER project’s kick off meeting took place in October in Bologna and it was an important occasion to meet in person all the partners and share our expectations and aspiration on the project.

Each partner introduced their working practices, different but all characterized by great professionality and passion in working with disabled artists. All agreed that this project has a great potential to influence the society and alleviate prejudice on refugees’ status.

We initially discussed and shared technical and administrative aspects connected to the implementation of the activities.

We then concluded by discussing the expectations, the needs, the artistic specialties and capabilities of each partner and how these can be applied to the actual performance.

POWER’s performances would be a challenge for all as issues arise of, like different languages, different capabilities, the need to express refugees’ true stories in an innovative manner, showing as much as possible each person’s story, create a scenario performable by artists with different abilities and lots more.

These challenges are amazing opportunities for all the people involved.  Getting to know refugees and give them the chance to tell their stories, meet artists from different places and countries, exchange good practices and experiences on working with artists with disabilities and meet students and elderlies.

We all agreed this project is a great work for each and all of us, hard but full of POWER!

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