The project POWER – Performances Of Wide Enrichment to Raise awareness on different abilities and promote integration was designed by the Coop. Nazareno (IT) and 3 partner organizations (GR, CZ, IE) to promote the transnational co-production of a theatre play with disabled actors and the mobility of the performance and the artists.


Moreover, POWER intends to enhance the skills and knowledge of those operators that usually organize artistic activities for disabled people, in order to be more trained and skilled about best practices.


POWER will enhance the participation of youngsters and elderly people to theatrical activities, through audience development actions in schools and daytime replicas of the performance, specifically conceived for them.


The general aim is also to give visibility and resonance to the theatre performance and training that actively engage disabled people. This theatre genre, that hardly finds a proper space in the traditional theatres and theatre seasons, and even more hardly allows the disabled people/actors to circulate in foreign countries to stage the performance, in the POWER project will be considered as a full and powerful artistic expression. The social impact is very relevant too, since disabled people will go against those social stigmas and prejudices that usually make them feel “less” able than “normal people”, thus they will increase their self-esteem and will feel more included in the society they live in. On the other side, the impact will be on the whole society, changing the standard perception of disabled people. In parallel, training activities addressed to operators will be organized to improve.


Project’ results

  • new or increased audience attending the theatre performances;
  • improved social inclusion of disabled people through artistic cooperation;
  • improved competences of operators implementing artistic activities with disabled people;
  • increased mobility and cooperation at the EU level among artistic professionals with disabilities;
  • strengthened participation of young and elderly people.


The POWER project was conceived by European organizations implementing theatre activities with disabled people/actors and sharing concern and needs regarding the production of theatre performances with disabled people/actors and the training of specialized operators able to cope with these kinds of activities.


POWER’s overall objective is to promote the creation of a transnational co-production and circuiting of a theatre performance where disabled actors have a fundamental role, having thus an impact on their level of social inclusion and self-esteem. In this way the transnational mobility of artists and artworks and the artistic cooperation at the EU level, by involving diseased artists will be actively stimulated.